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Please make sure you have seen the video above on how to use the JOVIHO platform to submit your IELTS Speaking simulation exam. Click the button bellow to begin.

Frequently asked questions

In IELTS writing you are marked on the basis of an Speaking Interview comprising of 3 Parts i.e. Introduction, Cue Card and Follow-up questions. In which the Examinee is marked on the basis of Pronunciation, Coherence and Fluency, Lexical Resources and Grammatical Accuracy & Range. While evaluating the examiner gives maximum weightage to the Follow-up questions then Cue Card and then the Introduction (Which is sometimes not marked at all, as it is just to make the examinee comfortable.

It is the clarity and accuracy of the word sound pronounced by the examinee. In IELTS the accent does not matter, just the complete understanding of the communication done.

Coherence means Systematically and logically arranging all the Ideas, subject and all other content. Fluency is the ability of the examinee to use the language easily and articulately, for example: not repeating the sentences while thinking or taking many pauses while speaking.

Lexical Resources are the pool of vocabulary terms which are required to be used in IELTS examination accurately. They tell the examiner one’s ability and exposure to English words.

Well the truth is the IELTS trainers working at different institutions are not really not paid well enough and they evaluate many students everyday. We run on a freelance model where Trainers all over the world after a screening join us on this platform, where they have a option to make more than their full time job from an distributed network where the profits go directly to the trainers instead of of huge Institutions. Which in turns allows you to get you an amazing value.

We are currently running an Introductory offer where you are getting 60% off, so that we are able to prove you all the value of this service. If you do the math and research on how much you would spend at other institutions, you will find you will be spending far less here with or without the discounts.  

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